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threats lower to endangered species

Ground Beetle

Trechus terrabravensis

Ground Beetle

Pseudanchomenus aptinoides

Ironclad beetle

Tarphius floresensis


The LIFE BEETLES project is a nature conservation project co-financed by the European Union and coordinated by the Regional Directorate for the Environment having AZORINA S.A. as partner, with a global investment of 1,76 million euros that will run for 5 years (from January 2020 until December 2024).

The project aim is to improve the population size, distribution area and conservation status of tree endemic beetle species: Tarphius floresensis (Ground beetle) on Flores island, Pseudanchomenus aptinoides (Laurocho) on Pico Island, and Trechus terrabravensis (Ironclade beetle) on Terceira Island.

Project Progress

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Project’s Anniversary

Today we complete 1 year since this adventure has begun. It is the first anniversary of the LIFE BEETLES project! It has been a year of dedication, learning, sharing and integration between (...)

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Pilot works of Nature Based Solutions

The first essays for the implementation of nature-based solutions have been initiated this month, by the operational team of Flores Island, as foreseen in action C.4 “Pilot/Demonstration works for creation of a (...)

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