In the EU, only 17% of habitats and species, and only 11% of the main ecosystems protected by EU legislation, are in a favorable state, despite the measures taken to combat the loss of biodiversity.

These actions were disregarded by the continuous and growing pressures caused: changes on land use, overexploitation of resources, propagation of invasive species, pollution and climate change, are factors that have remained constant or increasing.

The protection and restoration of biodiversity and the good functioning of ecosystems are essential to reinforce our resilience and prevent the appearance and spread of future diseases.

The European Biodiversity Strategy establishes a set of commitments until 2030, under the motto “Bringing nature back into our lives”, which is aimed at reversing Biodiversity loss and focuses on restoring nature.

There is also a need to strengthen the application of the EU regulation on invasive alien species where efforts are made to minimize and, where possible, eliminate the introduction and establishment of alien species in the EU environment. The goal will be “to manage the established invasive alien species and to reduce by 50% the number of Red List species that they threaten.”

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