• Control of Acacia melanoxylon and other invasive plants; Endemic flora plantation. 

The LIFE BEETLES project and the Natural Park of Flores Island got together on a mission to control the invasive flora of Ribeira do Fundão in Lajes das Flores. Thus, it is intended to contribute to the protection of a priority habitat of an endemic beetle species from Flores Island, Tarphius floresensis, covered as a target species by the LIFE BEETLES project.

To this end, we challenged the parish council and the city council of Lajes das Flores as well as the tourism company Experience OC, to join us on March 3rd, 2021.

The activity overlaps with the World Wildlife Day, where we will count on the participation of volunteers who are available for the purposes of controlling invasive flora and planting endemic flora, promoting the conditions of the natural habitat of the endemic arthropod of Flores Island.

Morning shift: 09: 30h – 12: 30h Control of Acacia melanoxylon and other invaders (Experience OC).

Afternoon shift: 13: 30h – 16: 30h Endemic flora plantation (CM and JF das Lajes).

Meeting point: Flores Island Environmental Services

Participants are advised to bring their own material (gloves, razors, hoes, etc.) as well as their hygienic mask, due to the current pandemic conditions of Covid-19.

Community involvement in the context of wildlife preservation and biodiversity conservation is crucial for the success of projects like LIFE BEETLES as well as for the long-term resilience of ecosystems! We count on you!