The advances for the project’s first concrete conservation works in Pico island started in the beginning of May.

Primarily, the main cores of invasive flora were identified and mapped in PIC2_3_4 intervention area. Subsequently, control and removal actions also took place regarding a highly prevalent and destructive invasive flora species, Hedychium gardnerianum. This plant, like many other invasive flora species, has the ability to change the characteristics of the soil and the natural habitat of the target beetle of the project, endemic to Pico island, Pseudanchomenus aptinoides.

These first works of invasive flora control aim to create space and opportunity for later plantations of native flora, renaturalizing the area according to the original characteristics corresponding to the natural habitat of the endemic beetle.

The works taking place in Pico island are part of actions C.1 – Improvement of habitat quality for Tarphius floresensis, Pseudanchomenus aptinoides and Trechus terrabravensis and C.3 – Pilot/Demonstration works for increasing habitat for Pseudanchomenus aptinoides and related ecosystem services. To consult more about these and other project actions just click HERE.

Here are some photographic records of the first advances in concrete conservation works in Pico island.