Insect populations are in decline, mainly due to human activities, such as the increase in monocultures, use of pesticides, loss of natural habitat, among others.
Although we sometimes consider them frightening or repugnant, these animals provide several ecosystem services, such as pollination, recycling soil nutrients, and aiding in pest control.
During winter, the vast majority of insects slow down their metabolism and need to find a shelter where they can remain safe until spring.
In this context, on the 28th of January, the project carried out an activity to build Insect Hotels on the island of Pico, which aimed to create awareness on the participating families regarding the importance of insects and teach how we can turn these small animals into authentic helpers of our farms and yards.

With this workshop, 6 insect hotels were built by the 6 intervening families, totaling 16 participants!

Thanks to everyone who contributed!