Within the scope of the LIFE BEETLES project, concrete conservation works go through several stages, from the control of invasive flora, to the application of nature based solutions (NBS) to the planting of endemic flora. All of these actions aim to improve the habitat conditions of each endemic beetle, target of the project.

In this context, multiple key actions have been defined to be carried out over the 5 years of the project, which can be consulted HERE.

Last week, Terceira island has initiated one of the main actions for the renaturalization of potential habitat areas of the island’s endemic beetle, Trechus terrabravensis. The works consisted in the first measures of eucalyptus trees cutting, included in the intervention areas established for the project, according to action C.2 “Pilot works for increasing habitat connectivity for Trechus terrabravensis under a climate change context”. In such areas, it is hereafter intended to reestablish ecological links, original from Macaronesia, by planting endemic flora and periodically monitoring outbreaks of invasive flora. The wood resulting from the cutting of the eucalyptus will be reused for other works, either for the application of nature based solutions (NBS), still in the context of the project, or even for the supply and provision of local businesses that make use of this raw material.

Here are some photographic records of the first eucalyptus chopping works of Terceira island.