In the past few weeks the LIFE BEETLES project has been investing in environmental education activities in collaboration with the school community on the three intervention islands!

The BEETLES have been in contact with the region’s students, from the youngest to the oldest, having developed activities from pre-school to senior university.

Only in the last three weeks, the project has streamlined the following activities:

  • Bugs Life – an activity that focuses on the exploration of the various parts of arthropods’ bodies and the life cycle of insects, stimulating students’ contact with these concepts through the construction and assembly of these animals and/or life cycles using natural materials.

Subtitle: Life of Insect – Pico Island

  • Entomologist for a day – an activity that explores the various aspects of entomology, where not only curiosities and interesting facts about arthropods are approached but also there is a possibility for the students to interact with several specimens of these animals under the magnifying glass, identifying them by using a dichotomous key.

Subtitle: Entomologist for one day – Pico Island

  • BEETLES under the magnifying glass – an activity where the school travels to the environmental interpretation center, having the opportunity to learn a little more about the LIFE BEETLES project, the importance of nature conservation (especially arthropods), and also to directly contact with the target species of the project through the magnifying glass.

Subtitle: BEETLES under the magnifying glass – Flores Island, Environmental Interpretation Center of Boqueirão

  • Walk through Biodiversity – an activity where the school travels to the field, preferably to one of the project’s intervention areas, having direct contact with the context and scope of the project, learning a little bit more about the importance of arthropods to ecosystems, habitat and species conservation among other relevant concepts.

Subtitle: Walk through Biodiversity – Terceira Island, Academia Oeste Senior University

You can consult more information about the LIFE BEETLES Educational Offer HERE and enroll your class HERE.