On 9 February, the LIFE BEETLES project took part in the Carnival parade at Escola Primária e Secundária das Lajes do Pico under the theme “Biodiversity: The importance of insects”.

One of the project’s main objectives is to change the negative perception usually associated with insects (and arthropods in general). To this end, various actions are promoted among the school public through the School Environmental Awareness Activities Offer of the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change.

This year, the LIFE BEETLES project went one step further and took advantage of the Carnival parade to sensitise the local community to the importance of these living beings. After working closely with EB1/JI das Ribeiras, where they worked on the theme and observed insects under a magnifying glass, the students chose and built their costumes with the support of the project’s technicians and the rest of the school community. Posters were also made with phrases alluding to the role of insects in ecosystems to sensitise the community.

The students’ involvement and enthusiasm were exceptional, and we believe the result was positive! Special thanks to teachers Cristina Silva and Elisabete Oliveira and the parents who contributed some of the materials!